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US Steel Tubular Products: Forging the American Dream

in Manufacturing

In many ways, America’s fast-track to development was facilitated by the steel industry. Cast your mind back to just over 100 years ago and steel was being produced with greater significance than ever before. At the cusp of that revolution was a company formed in 1901, which plays as important a role today, as it […]

AGCO: The right tools for extraordinary growth

in Agriculture

Around the world, modern agricultural methods rely increasing on technology and automation. At the forefront of the latter is AGCO, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of agricultural equipment. With a company mantra that reads: “There’s the field where farmers use our machines. And then there’s the field of agricultural equipment makers like AGCO…And figuratively […]

UCLA Medical Center: Exceptional care for Santa Monica

in Healthcare

It is almost exactly 3 years ago that the new UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica, officially opened its doors, with 125 adult and pediatric patients carefully transported into new hospital buildings on the Santa Monica campus, as well as into the existing Merle Norman Pavilion. “Every patient who comes to us deserves the best, and […]

REG Geismar LLC: Tapping into the potential of synthetic fuels

in Energy

The effects of rising fuel costs, increased energy demands and environmental considerations have pushed the issue of renewable fuel sources in the past decade. Amid this turmoil the world of synthetic fuel production has flourished and continues to evolve. That has been great news for one of Louisiana’s newest establishments, Dynamic Fuels, LLC, a Geismar-based […]

Pinnacles National Park: The Pinnacle of beauty

in Tourism & Leisure

One of the enduring qualities of the American way of the life is the ability to take off for the weekend. With is vast resources of open space, there are a plethora of options available across the length and breadth of our rich and diverse landscape. That point is beautifully illustrated at Pinnacles National Park, […]