The combination of technology and improved logistics solutions has made the business world a much smaller place over the past decades. That in turn has significantly ramped up competition in these market places, with innovation and added value at a premium for companies providing logistics solutions.

That has played perfectly into the hands of TransGroup Worldwide Logistics, a Seattle-based full service Domestic and International Freight Forwarder and Third-Party Logistics Provider (3PL), which opened it newest station, TransGroup-MCO, located in Orlando, Florida, last May.

“TransGroup-MCO operates as a full-service international and domestic freight forwarder and logistics provider. The business was founded with a single mission – to be the Future of Transport Logistics by bringing tomorrow’s supply chain technologies and best practices to our customers today. We are dedicated to developing the most advanced and flexible logistics software tools available. The extraordinarily easy-to-use tools provide global supply chain management and visibility, with the flexibility to be tailored to meet each client’s needs,” describes the corporate website.

“Our logistics expertise is a balanced cross-discipline of domestic, international and warehouse/distribution services, making TransGroup a true single-source transportation and logistics provider. Our ‘Customer Centric’ approach, global reach and industry-leading software enable us to do just that. We partner with our clients to tailor and integrate logistics systems and solutions that deliver value across their entire enterprise,” it continues.

That policy has reaped huge dividends for a business which has split into numerous divisions dedicated to providing specially-tailored services thanks to specialty expertise in a number of sectors.

TranShow is the division responsible for supplying trade show logistics, travelling shows, and warehousing; TransBorder Canada provides US / Canada Logistics solutions – and similarly, TransBorder Mexico delivers US / Mexico Logistics solutions; TransAutomotive is a Tier 1 logistics provider for the automotive industry; TransAV specializes in Audio / Visual logistics; TransCommerce is an expert in Retail Home / Commercial Delivery; Trans-Exhibition offers Museum / Exhibition Logistics ; TransAviation is trhe company’s Airline industry logistics offering; TransPharma delivers secure logistics for the pharmaceutical industry.

The company also supports the film industry, supply set and equipment logistics through its subsidiary TransFilm; while TransPrint supplies printed material logistics and TransFurniture specializes in furniture logistcs from materials to assembled delivery.

The company’s TransGov provides logistics designed specifically for Government entities and TransRecovery is concerned with reverse logistics and asset recovery programs.

TransTactical is a specialist division dealing in Military / Conflict-area logistics for government and manufacturers; while another specialty is TransMarine, which is responsible for maritime logistics for fishing, cruise, research, and tug / barge.

The company’s complement is completed by TransWear, a business concentrated on garment logistics for the fashion industry; while TransMedEquip plays an important role in safely delivering sensitive medical equipment logistics and TransGolf focuses on the Tour / Equipment management for the golfing industry.

That the company has grown into such a vast global entity is no surprise given its innovative approach from day one.

TransGroup Worldwide Logistics was founded by Ron Lee and Greg Vernoy back in 1986. From the outset, their mission to innovatively engineer “The Future of Transport Logistics” was envisioned as a global endeavor. With stations today ranging from Anchorage to Auckland, Boston to Beijing, Bangladesh to Vietnam—and a network of international agents all over the globe—they have comfortably fulfilled their ambition.

Speaking to in 2014, TransGroup’s Charlotte Branch Manager and local member partner Anita Sanders stated:

“Ron and Greg had a vision that there was a need for a single freight forwarding company that could offer some solutions for their customers outside of the box, that could customize programs to fit their needs and they just built that business over the years with each individual customer, each individual need.”

Their success since then has produced a company with a reported $800 million in annual revenue; with roughly $300 million driven by North American business.

The transport and logistics sector might well be intensifying in competitiveness, but for TransGroup Worldwide Logistics, diversity and innovation has created a business very much still on an upward curve.