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Industry-NA is a digital and print source of media news, views and features devised to give its broadly business-based readership a flavour for all that is current in North American industry and beyond.

Our focus is on medium to large enterprises across the whole gamut of North American business. With over three decades of experience working with the world’s biggest corporate names, our goal is to share successful business insight with readers of large and small companies alike.

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  • Fantastic feature Industry NA. We look forward to working with you and the team again in the future.

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North America

These are exciting business times for the whole region. Successive heads of state and business leaders have invested heavily in infrastructure to develop a diverse and vibrant air for economic and social development.

Construction, globalisation, information technology, tourism, energy, mergers and acquisitions all play their part in today’s bustling world of commerce.

We live in extraordinary times and Industry-NA embraces that history and aims to capture the essence at the heart of cultural and industrial change as the North America’s undergoes transition, whilst retaining its cultures and traditions.

With over thirty years of experience in digital publishing, Glass House Management delivers concise, sharp editorial with a professional and sympathetic approach to your business needs.

Industry-NA mirrors this experience through coverage of every sector of industry from manufacturing, construction, healthcare, supply chain & logistics through to food & drink, tourism and financial services. Our content includes contributions from industry leaders and large, instantly recognisable brands, happy to share their insight on the burning issues of the day. No idea is too big or small and we openly invite you to contact us with any editorial ideas.


Industry-NA is specifically focused on the North American region. This is very much reflected in our readership which is 98 per cent based in North America.

As a publication with a strong focus on leadership, it will come as no surprise that our circulation of 100,000 per month predominately reaches top executives across the following industry sectors:

Industry-NA.com covers all facets of Middle East business life from the challenges that start-up companies face through to the latest news from multi-nationals. Our readership by size reflects our diversity in terms of the number of employees and annual revenue turnover figures.

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